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Align your unique essence with the cosmic celestial sky!

Astronomical Astrology

Everything in the celestial sky, the stars, the planets etc, possess their own unique consciousness and are very much sentient and alive just like you and me! The system I use to read the chart is Astronomical Astrology. This is not the conventional mainstream way of reading the chart yet is still very accurate as it aligns with the cosmic sky in real time.

The Constellational Zodiac takes into account the different sizes of the zodiac constellations as they are in the sky and includes the 13th Sign of the zodiac, Ophiuchus.

Ophiuchus- The 13th Sign

Included in my readings is the 13th sign which resides in between the constellations of Scropious and Sagittarius. Undoubtedly, Ophiuchus brings up a lot of controversy today in the field of astrology. It shakes up the whole paradigm that has been set for so many 1000s of years and some people find it very difficult to accept.

However, I believe and feel that it’s important to also work with the stars in real time. Clearly, shown in the picture below the sun undoubtedly couples up with this mysterious constellation. Ignoring its existence would be dissmissive of the part of ourselves that the archetype of Ophiuchus represents.

Ophiuchus is the snake bearer and symbolises the rise of the divine feminine, healing, kundalini, shamanism, freedom, truth seeking, deep connection with nature and the infinite cosmic consciousness. The myth goes that Ophiuchus was killed by the gods for taking souls away from them by healing people and making them immortal by helping them to escape the reincarnation cycle. Zeus later regretted killing Ophiuchus and made a constellation in his image to commemorate him.

Ophiuchus crosses the ecliptic
The constellation Ophiuchus crosses the ecliptic

All Astrological Systems are Accurate!

I would like to clarify that all astrological systems are accurate and no one is better than the other. They each show us a different dimension to ourselves and who we are. It is my belief that because Tropical Western Astrology goes off of the seasons on Earth, it would represent our physical third dimensional self on this earthly plane. Astronomical Astrology I believe represents our 5D self where we are connected with our Higher Self, aligning to the cosmic sky above, thus expanding our consciousness and awareness.

All systems of astrology are important to decode the truth of who we are. Currently, I prefer decoding with astronomical astrology because I love helping others align more with their 5D selves. I also love looking up at the sky and including the other constellational archetypes such as Ophiuchus, Cetus and many more!