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I am a Living Sky Sidereal Astrologer and an intuitive reader of the Tarot.

I have been studying Astrology and Tarot for the last seven years and feel very drawn to helping people finding empowered clarity and their path in life.

Both Astrology and Tarot are magical tools which can be used to increase our self-awareness and to help us find our strengths and our blind spots so that we can align ourselves to our true divine path.

I have already helped many people through my readings and I feel that I can help you too!

My Testimonials
“My reading with Lily felt very special and thorough. Lily is extremely knowledgeable about astrology and a natural for reading the charts. I felt that she was really describing me to a tee, my past, present and future. It all really resonated with me and it felt very refreshing to have this True Sky Sidereal approach explained to me so that I can see now only where I've been but also where I'm headed in this new reality 5D shift. Lily's calm energy felt very reassuring and she is incredibly present. I would highly recommend!”
Laura, United Kingdom
14th February 2024
“I really enjoyed my astrology reading with Lily. Lots of information, which Lily presented in a caring and fun way. I had a great time and got new insights!”
Louise, United States
14th February 2024
“My daughter treated me to a healing reading from Lily as a Christmas present. Lily is very gifted with her tarot abilities and I really enjoyed my reading with her. I would highly recommend Lily.”
Nicki, United Kingdom
3rd February 2024
"Lily is such a kind soul. She was able to make me feel so comfortable during all the session. I was a bit unsure due to being online but 100% is as powerful. You can sense how passionate she is about this topic and that is completely seen by her approach. Her way to individualize the reading and at the same time to make it light and calm, for me it was like therapy. So grateful. I deeply recommend a session with Lily! 🙏"
Margarida, Portugal
7th January 2024
“What a great Tarot reading with Lily! It was deep and I had real insights, she guided me with the cards and it was a pure healing to speak with her and understanding better things about my life! It helped me a lot and I can highly recommend her thanx a lot Lily! Much love 😘”
Julie, France
9th December 2023
I had an astro-tarot reading with Lily and I would highly recommend. Her knowledge and sensitivity are out of this world and I learnt so much about astrology I never knew. I came away with a greater understanding of astrology and how my own chart can be used as a tool for empowerment. I will recommend to everyone! 💖 Thank you Lily xxx
Fiona, United Kingdom
18th November 2023
I had a Planetary Transit Reading with Lily and it was so accurate! I felt uplifted afterwards, encouraged and connected to my soul energy again. Thank you so much!
Kirsten, Germany
31st October 2023
What an amazing reading that was for me ! Lily has taken time and interest in my questions and it helped me a lot to understand my path and what i come here to do ! Highly recomended ❤
Julie, France
13th October 2023
“Lily is very knowledgeable, thorough and passionate about her work clearly explaining in easy terms my chart and answering my questions. I really enjoyed receiving her wisdom and presence and would strongly recommend her to anyone seeking an in depth astrological reading.”
Simon, United Kingdom
28th September 2023
“I had my 13 sign astrological reading with Lily and I really enjoyed it. She’s very methodical and wants to make sure you understand your birth chart, which is your guide to this life. I definitely recommend it. Even if you’ve never heard about the 13 signs, why not keep an open mind and give it a try?“
Mafalda, Portugal
10th August 2023
"Thank you Lily for taking the time to go through my chart with me in detail, I really appreciate your dedication and insight. It’s been a real treat and so lovely meeting you. All the best in PT x"
Liv, Spain
4th May 2023
"Very grateful for Lily � This was more than a general reading. A very educational and therapeutic experience. I highly recommend to anyone looking for answers about their life or spirituality."
Bianca, Malta
22nd April 2023
"I've just had a session with Lily where we had a Tarot and Numerology and Astrology reading and all that helped me to clarify, confirm, find new things and concepts and insights about me and my path in this life. The reading itself was great but also the being behind it, Lily is someone with gifts of understanding and sharing and caring that helps you with genuine intent. I'd second all the other positive comments about her from the other people who posted here and off course recommend her and hope she keeps on this guiding path. I recommend you to come open and trusting to the session and certainly you will find out, confirm and find new insights about yourself. Bless you all."
Satyam, Brazil
14th April 2023
"I really loved my reading with Lily! It was more profound than I had expected and Lily graced it with great insight, understanding and wisdom. She has so much knowledge and guidance to offer, I highly recommend 💕 I really valued the free numerology reading too and found it helpful in understanding some core patterning. Looking forward to the next reading!"
Prema, United Kingdom
5th April 2023
"I had a session with Lily a couple of weeks ago, I’d recently lost my mum and felt out of sync, lost my direction and obviously dealing with grief. Lily was open, friendly, kind, and very understanding, she instantly put me at ease, and I really opened up to her due to her openness and empathy towards my situation, she really understood and gave such great advice and clarity on many aspects of my current situation. My cards were spot on, and she went onto explain the meaning of each and how they fit in to my current issues, and it gave me much more clarity and confidence I was on the right path. She also very kindly sent me video as and text to read through to help me, which I’m so grateful for. This was more than just a tarot reading, I will check in again with Lily in another few months to check my progress and have more ‘life therapy’ she’s a very good listener and will come up with a number of possible solutions- she’s so lovely"
Tessa, United Kingdom
1st March 2023
"I had a deep tarot reading with Lily. Some difficult themes came up and I appreciate the way Lily gave me her insights about it. I felt that she new what she was talking about. She shared also some of her own experiences related to what we were talking about and how she dealed with it. That was really helpful. Thanks so much for this!"
Lydia, Netherlands
19th Feburary 2023
"I had a very beautiful Tarot Reading from Lily, at my local market. Even though we were in a crowded place, I felt a lovely warmth and attention from Lily. We were in our own bubble as we talked about the profound nature of Life and spent time with Tarot. I found having a reading to be very enlightening. My reading was very personal and I felt great after the session. I highly recommend a tarot card reading from Lily. She is a genuine and enlightened Soul."
Emma, Scotland
19th February 2023
"Pure gratitude and love to Lily, who is an extremely trustworthy and gifted Tarot reader. When I was receiving the reading and guidance from Lily, I felt safe, heard and seen. Thank you, Lily, you are one of a kind! Lily has carefully chosen the words that resonated with me on the deepest level, she guided me through the deepest fears into the brightest hopes, on the sunny side of my lifepath. Lily is very empathic, intuitive and precise, deep and kind, her vision reaches into the depth of your soul being and guides you into your most auspiscious future. With the keys that Lily gives you, you will be able to open any and all of the doors that are meant to be yours, with the divine timing and with an unshakable belief in yourself! Thank you for your love, your talent and your help!"
Alissa, Estonia
12th January 2023
"The reading with Lily was honest and intuitive and like a heartfelt friendship with a sinserce wish to support my spiritual and human journey to whatever question is of attention within me. We shared laughter and wisdom and involved a lot of (magic) wands 😉 I feel thankful for the time I spent with Lily"
Cornelia, Germany
15th October 2022
"It was a new experience for me as going into the reading I didn’t really understand much about tarot. However, I found it helpful and thought provoking."
Jack, United Kingdom
15th September 2022
"Lily did a reading for me when I was at a crossroad in my life. Career wise. Her reading was so full of promise and positivity that I felt that I had made the right decision to leave a job I didn’t like and try for jobs more in my line of interest. Basically art therapy. The reading turned out to be spot on and helped me realize I was heading in a good direction. I now have my dream job and often look back to that reading which was so prophetic."
Kathleen, United Kingdom
23rd August 2022
"A life changing experience. You can expect a friendly, personalised and in depth reading with Lily. The guidance we received has positively impacted our decisions for the present and future. Since the reading, we have become focused on achieving our goals and have taken to tarot as guidance for overcoming any obstacles we have. This was an insightful and positive experience that has helped us in many ways."
Kieran & Fran, United Kingdom
10th August 2022