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– The Wheel of Tarot speaks the Laws of Nature

Intuitive Healing with Tarot

My approach is personally centred and embodies the new way to consulting with tarot. Instead of predicting outer events in the future in the old paradigm, I focus the session on your inner mental, emotional and spiritual processes to anticipate the highest potentials and timelines within the current energetic state.

My consultations are soulful, therapeutic counselling sessions where I help you to deeply understand your life situation. I use my intuitive skills to help uncover the wisdom that lies within so that you can draw out your own personal truth. Thus empowering you with your own healing.

My style for tarot counselling is very much a holistic one. I gather information and guidance from these processes below:



I have been a student of the tarot for the last 3 years and have gained knowledge from researching and learning the different layers embedded within the tarot such as numerology, symbols, keywords of the cards, astrology and the tree of life.

This is the foundation of which my counselling styles are built upon.


Helps me to sense the energy and gives me more understanding to what is being felt emotionally and how this relates to the cards that come up.

This allows you to relate to the cards in a more personal way and gain a deeper understanding of your own emotional processes.

Intuition and Psychic Abilities
I rely on my intuitive guidance to help you with your needs and how I can best help you with your situation. I have the gifts of clairsentience, claircognisance and clairvoyance which reveal more of what is going on.

I use spiritual concepts to help give insight, perspective and guidance. Such as your Authentic (Higher) Self which will raise what is most important for you to understand at the time of your reading.