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Here are 8 methods I implement in my own life that help keep my energy and vibration high. If you can do these 8 things everyday then you will quickly raise your frequency and consciousness overall.

1. Connect to Nature

Spend time with Mother Gaia everyday for as long as you can! The more time you are outside in nature the more connected you will be to yourself and to Gaia. She is our TRUE home and is our energy source and fuel of bioelectricity which is necessary for the functioning of life. She emits many healing frequencies and helps to balance our mind, body and soul. She will help you to ground and enhance your own magnetic field.

Trees emit a very powerful frequency that interacts with our own energy field and enhances our vibration. Tap into the trees to gain wisdom, they all have their own unique personalities and cute bonds with neighbouring trees. I highly recommend sitting by a tree and connecting to the trees as much as you can, no matter the weather. They always help me realign back to myself on such a deep level. I love sitting by a tree the most at night just chilling under the stars, it’s so peaceful! You’ll find that they are incredibly soothing, uplifting, grounding and healing.

When you show up everyday and you prove to Gaia that you are devoted and want to connect and learn more about the universe, she will show you things to help guide you to where you need to be. However, it is not all so one sided. We as individuals can help Gaia too. She is being abused, raped and unloved by those who are disconnected from her and themselves. She is super angry and very upset with the way she is being treated. We can consciously send out and emit healing frequencies to her and try to live in as much harmony with her as we can. Ask her what you can do to help her. Even just showing her gratitude and appreciation is enough to send out waves of healing and also to show her that you care.

We are all a part of Mother Gaia so when you connect to her you connect to yourself and the rest of the world.

2. Meditate

Meditating connects us to the infinite stillness and energy of our soul, the essence of who we truly are. In meditation we can learn to become the observer where we observe the ego and our thoughts with no reactions or judgement and be consciously aware of where we are really at.

There are 1000s of scientific studies which have proven numerous health benefits of meditation. Such as, reduced anxiety, depression, stress and burnout and increased empathy, overall physical and mental wellbeing, enhanced creativity and concentration levels. It will help relax your body and mind from things in your life that bring your vibration down.

I recommend at least 1 hour a day of meditation to get the impressive benefits. If you can go outside into nature and meditate then that will have an even more powerful effect on your energy field.

For me currently, it takes about 25 minutes to truly still my mind during meditation because in that time my thoughts/ego are feeding me information about my past, my experiences, anxieties about the future, insecurities, beliefs I have about myself, plans for the day. However, depending on what I am going through, some days, being at peace within during meditation can take a longer or shorter amount of time than usual.

Meditation is a skill to learn to observe the ego from the state of the soul without getting carried away by the internal chatter or identifying too much with the ego. Meditation will relax your brainwaves and get you more in tune with your true nature which is a high vibrational light being!

3. A High Vibrational Diet

The food you consume has a massive impact on your own energy field as it is digested and used to build all the new regenerating cells and tissues etc in your body. From my own experience, a plant based diet is very effective for keeping a high frequency. This is because everything in existence is energy. Meat and dairy mostly carries very heavy, low vibrational energy from the fear, suffering and abuse that the animals tend to endure. So when you consume them you are basically implanting that energy into your own energy field.

Eat organic, non-GMO foods where you can. Non-organic and GMO produce tends to be covered with and contain toxic pesticides which pollute your body. GMOs mess with your DNA and are well known to cause cancer. Growing your own fruit and vegetables will be an even higher vibration than organic as you will get to rear them with the energy of your own love and care. Foraging wild plants will also carry a high vibration as they have been tended to by Mother Nature in their natural happy home.

Check the labels. Make sure you check every single label of every single thing you consume. Some things are marketed as organic and ‘healthy’ but if you check the ingredients list there are low vibrational chemicals that have been added. For example, oat milk with added calcium seems good but in reality the calcium that gets added, calcium carbonate/calcium phosphate/dicalcium phosphate, is synthetic and will calcify your pineal gland! Synthetic calcium is also found in bread, baking powder and many other supermarket products. Another sneaky marketing trick is ‘Natural Flavouring’. Natural flavouring is super shady. This is an umbrella term for 1000s of different chemicals which have not all been thoroughly tested for human consumption, there is nothing natural about it! These are just a couple of examples out of many that exist out there on the supermarket shelves. If you see an ingredient you are unsure of, look up how safe it is for human health. In my experience, 9/10 of the searches come back as unsafe/causes cancer. Your shopping trip may take longer than usual but once you know what foods are real you’ll be a pro at detecting the poison! Avoid processed foods altogether.

Basically, from what I have found most products in the supermarkets are DEAD and void of any light. This is a purposeful mass scale agenda but I will not be getting into that for the sake of this article! If you are interested in what’s really in your food then you can look into it for yourself to find the truth. You want to be consuming organic things that come straight from Mother Gaia herself as these carry the most light.

Kirlian Photography captures the electric field of organic and comercially grown mushroom

Filtered Water. When I started drinking pure water I dramatically felt an increase in my vibration. There so are many toxins, pollutants, heavy metals and nasty chemicals such as fluoride and bleach that are present in tap water. I would suggest getting a water filter that filters out EVERYTHING and then filtering that through a mineral filter or add minerals to it after. It is so important to add minerals to the water otherwise when you consume it without, the water will take and deplete those vital minerals in your own body. We want our water to be giving us life force energy not depleting it.

Cut down on or remove completely processed sugar, gluten, caffeine, tobacco/nicotine and alcohol. These substances are highly addictive and seriously detrimental to your energy field. They are not compatible for the human body and they cause adverse effects. Furthermore, addiction itself lowers your vibration because it makes you a slave to a substance which is seeking something external to who you truly are.

Processed sugar is almost in everything and is super addictive! It robs your body and soul of energy. Your liver has to work overtime to filter out the toxicity from the processed sugar in your blood. So it’s a proper energy drainer. Giving up sugar is not easy because it is more addictive than crack cocaine! When I gave up sugar I was cracking out for 3 days straight but then after a week I did not miss it nor its energy draining effects! Plus I started finding way more exciting, healthier and energy boosting sweet alternatives. Sugar is the drug that never really gets talked about because most people are addicted to it in this moment in time.

A gluten-free diet has been shown by research to be effective in reducing symptoms related to many different health conditions as well as preventing certain diseases too. The human digestive system has not evolved to digest the big grain proteins that are common in the modern diet. These grains are farmed on a mass scale and usually are covered in pesticides which could be a reason why so many more people are becoming intolerant. Gluten has also been found to have opiod effects on the brain making it craveable and addictive.

Gluten is something that I had to cut out because it was making me feel so fatigued and depressed as well as giving me intense headaches! If you do not have any adverse effects to gluten then try to cut it out for a month and observe your energy levels. You may find that when your tolerance is low that your sensitivity to it increases.

Caffeine stimulates your adrenal glands which are connected to your solar plexus, the centre of power and confidence. The adrenal glands are activated by caffeine and pump out stress hormones to your whole body as well as deoxygenating your brain. 1 cup of coffee deoxygentates your brain up to 40%! It artificially tricks your brain to make you think you are not tired but it actually makes you more tired as well as causing waves of anxious energy to move through your body. Caffeine is also acidic which creates damaging conditions for your body and weakens the energy field. Not to mention the crash experienced once the effects wear off.

Caffeine was never intended by nature to stimulate the human nervous system but to actually act as a defence system to protect the plant from pests, by producing toxic caffeine as a natural pesticide. Sadly, most of the caffeine consumed by the world comes from plants in millions of hectares of monocultures, covered in artificial pesticides. This is completely unsustainable and is raping Mother Gaia. Everything is energy so you want to avoid consuming or supporting this extreme cost to the Earth.

Cut out completely or limit your caffeine intake, at least make sure it is organic, sustainably and ethically farmed. It may be difficult at first but you can get energy from other things that are much better for your health and frequency.

Natural diversity in the rainforest vs Monoculture- just to show you the unnatural and ugly impact of monoculture. Nature thrives with diversity!

Nicotine is similar to caffeine in that it is a stimulant but also has relaxing, numbing effects that are highly addictive. The stimulating effects induce an anxious state which is a low vibrational state of being. Also to mention the damaging impact it has on the lungs. The breath is the main way you charge your electromagnetism so if the lungs are damaged and you can’t take in the maximum potential of breath then your energy field will be weaker than what it should be naturally.

Alcohol is probably the WORST substance you can ingest for your energy field. Al-Kuhl is the Arabic word from which alcohol is derived. In its Arabic translation Al-Kuhl means: Body-Eating Spirit. Hence, the term ‘spirit’ in relation to strong alcohol. It massively opens up your energy field to external negative energies which attach to you and siphon your energy. Alcohol is such a low vibrational substance that even if you are super depressed it still lowers your vibration straight away because it poisons your mind, body and soul. No wonder it has been so culturalised and glamourised all over the world!

Blessing your food and water. When you send positive intention and energy to your food and water it increases their vibration which will increase yours when you consume them. Send love to the food while you are cooking as the food will take on that energy. Visualise the high vibrational light energy coming from your being and being absorbed by your food. This will not only raise the frequency of your food/water but also help you to exercise your metaphysical powers.

Magnified images of intentionally charged water, captured by Dr Masaru Emoto

4. Shadow Work

Our shadow self is anything that we are unaware of about ourselves, that which remains unconscious such as our feelings, needs, desires, fears and parts of ourselves that we conceal, reject or are ashamed of. This can also include the pieces of ourselves that we do not want to acknowledge or do not know how to integrate.

Shadow work, alongside meditation, is the most important and powerful spiritual practise that you can do as it increases self-awareness, consciousness and your vibration greatly. We walk around holding onto dense vibrational energy formed from unresolved emotions, get trapped in negative cycles of thinking and behaving in damaging ways we don’t innerstand our whole lives unless we revisit and enlighten these emotions and events causing the blockages within.

These heavy emotions act as a filter by which we perceive reality and if these filters are distorted then the perspective of reality will most likely be negative or even toxically positive. Shadow work helps to cleanse these filters helping us to observe, see more clearly from a higher perspective and thus raising our frequency.

If you want to learn more about shadow work and how to do it, then check out my article on ‘How to do Shadow Work’ where I give insights into themes that helped me as well as a guiding step by step process.


5. Love Frequency

There have been numerous studies about how love is powerfully healing. Unconditional love creates relaxation and a space for healing. Love sends messages to your cells to repair, rejuvenate and create. More points on your DNA strand get activated and more ‘junk’ genes are turned on which creates expansion in your energy field.

Connecting yourself to the unconditional love frequency on a daily, regular basis will raise your vibration. Spend more time throughout your day consciously thinking and feeling love. If done consistently then you will naturally begin to embody more love in your day to day life and make it a default mode.

Another way to feel love is by hugging, cuddling and spending quality time with friends, family, your partner and pets. This causes your brain to release the love hormone, oxytocin. Oxytocin enhances bonding with others, heals your heart and protects you from the detrimental effects of stress.

 Love is one of the highest vibrations in the universe so when you align yourself to its frequency you connect more with your true authentic self as well as the consciousness of the universe.

You can also switch it up and embody other high vibrational emotions such as faith, enthusiasm, acceptance, appreciation/gratitude, courage and joy. This can be done in meditation or in moments throughout the day.

6. Sungazing

The Sun is the powerhouse and source of all energy here on Earth. Through sungazing, we can harness the energy from the sun directly ourselves! When the sun is at its lowest in the sky during sunrise or sunset we can do this simply by looking into it with our eyes. At sunrise and sunset the UV index is at its lowest and so is safe to look at during these times.

During sungazing, sunlight comes into your eyes and charges up and activates your pineal gland. This causes your pineal gland to grow! The sunlight will begin to soothe you and make you feel energised, relaxing your mind and charging up your energy field. If done consistently the light will begin to activate DMT to be released by your pineal gland.

Start off with a couple of minutes/seconds or however long feels comfortable, do not exceed if it hurts your eyes. If it hurts when you look into the sun then this just means you need to acclimatise to the light and build up day by day getting used to it. You can always put your hand over one eye and swap them if looking with two eyes is too much. Alternatively, you can also sungaze with your eyes closed and feel the warmth and light on your forehead, activating your pineal gland but it is not as powerful as directly staring into the sun.

Sungazing is a form of meditation. Once you become used to the light from the sun you can sungaze for up to 30 minutes to an hour. The sun is very much alive and sentient. Give it love and appreciation while you gaze into it and it will help give you insights by stimulating your pineal gland, making you feel more connected to the universe.

7. Exercise

Physical exercise is a very powerful way to increase your vibration. It makes you feel strong, healthy and revitalised on all levels of your being. Through the endorphins that are released in your brain, exercising makes you feel good about yourself which is a high vibrational state. Exercise burns up any restless, negative energy that you are holding onto and sweating helps to eliminate toxins from the body. Exercise also improves sleep levels as your body is more tired from the workouts and sleeps more easily, giving your body more time to rest.

You could do any exercise that you vibe with the most such as going to the gym, high intensity sports or relaxing movement exercises such as Yoga or Qi Gong. You want your energy field and channels to be flowing harmoniously which is what exercise helps you to do. I always find my meditations are much more enhanced after exercising. 

8. Living your Divine Purpose

We ALL have a reason for being here. We each have our own Dharma to follow. Dharma is a law that governs the universe where by each individual has their own true path to serve themselves and others. Being on your Dharma is when you start living your highest potential, being your authentic and most powerful self to who you are and what you do in service to the world.

When you are not living your purpose the mind, body and soul tires as the heart is deeply unfulfilled. When you are aligned, you will feel magical and it will feel as though you were born to do this! You’ll wake up excited every single day to work on your mission and you will go to sleep at night thinking about it with hundreds of thoughts and ideas to continue onwards.

Our true purpose can be quite tricky to find because it really requires deep soul searching and to truly trust our authentic self to guide the way. A lot of fear and other conditional programming stops many from even coming close to living their Dharma. You’ve got to embody your inner Spiritual Warrior, break those chains and do not be afraid to shine bright with your mission, no matter what anyone else says or thinks about it.

Commit to finding your purpose according to your highest souls mission and unlock the blueprint of the wisdom of your soul by asking yourself these questions in meditation:

  • Who am I?
  • What is my purpose?
  • What does my mind obsess with?
  • What do I wish to know more of?
  • What change do I want to see in the world?
  • What is one thing I cannot ignore?
  • What lights up my heart?
  • What are my top 3 passions in life?
  • What is my deepest most essential passion?
  • What do I desire to accomplish and create?
  • How would I pursue my path?
  • If I had all the money in the world what would I spend my free time doing?
  • Who do I want to become?
  • What do I want my life to look like?

Think big. Know you are here to serve a huge role in shifting the consciousness of humanity.

You do not need to chase money, know that the universe will always provide on your Dharma and so expect the opportunities and abundance to just always be there. Everyday focus on your value, service and mission as an anchor point to launch yourself forwards. This will massively raise your vibration as you start to increase your self-worth. You will also grow to be more authentic, more able to give and more connected with the universal consciousness. This journey is about YOU discovering who you really are meant to be. You are a unique soul of loving powerful light here to make the world a better place.

Hope that you can have fun implementing these ways into your own life to raise and empower your frequency! If you need any help with any of these feel free to connect with me, I would be happy to offer you a counselling reading with spiritual life coaching 🙂


Hi, I'm Lily, and I am a multidimensional being dedicated to seeking truth and freedom. I am very passionate about helping others to heal, integrate their souls and activating their divine spark within. 🌟 As part of my mission in life, I'm here to help empower you with your own healing. I offer deep, therapeutic and soulful True Sidereal Astrology and Tarot readings to bring you more self-awareness and clarity for your greater purpose in life. I always create an open, warm and supportive space where you can safely share your thoughts, emotions, and experiences. If you're ready to find the answers you have been seeking, book your Astrology or Tarot reading with me today. I am so excited to support you in discovering the power and potential within you 🌸

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